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Company Administration Services

Your Tax Office Accountants can provide a Nominee Company Secretary, Nominee Director and a Registered Address for your limited company.

Nominee Company Secretary

The Company Secretary's responsibility is to maintain your company's official records and legal returns.

The Company Secretary function has no need for an involvement in the day to day operation of the company, but does provide up-to-date advice and support for your directors.

Nominee Secretary Services - £49 p.a

  • The service is primarily designed to help people keep companies fully compliant with the law.
  • Nominee Secretaries do not usually have an active role or function in the actual business of the company.
  • The Company Secretary can authenticate documents or proceedings of the company and the signature of the Secretary on a written resolution is evidence of the proceedings.
  • Your Tax Office will act as Nominee Company Secretary for limited companies on an annual basis.
  • It does not perform any secretarial duties, and does not become involved with operations of the company in any way.
  • If signatures or verification documents are required extra charges will apply.
  • Preparation and submission of the Annual Returns are part of the service. 

Nominee Company Director

A nominee director is someone who in fact is renting his or her name to you. In other words, the name of this person is used and not yours for the incorporation documents. They are also taking the positions on paper of the company directors. The term of straw man or front man has been used to describe someone who is acting as the nominee. Legally, according to the incorporation documents, the nominee is responsible for the company or entity. In addition, if it is the case of a nominee that is also listed as the nominee shareholder, then they in effect also have the related ownership responsibilities as well.

The basic function of the nominee director is to shield working executives of limited and other companies from the public disclosure requirements that exist in the UK and other jurisdictions. It is a perfectly legal device which preserves the privacy of an individual. It is designed to help a person who would rather not disclose their interest or association with a given corporate body. Anyone performing a company search on a company with a nominee director would be unable to discover in whose name the nominee director was registered.

Your Tax Office can provide a nominee company director and a nominee secretary for your private limited company or for your limited liability partnership. The nominee company secretary service is ideal for sole directors unable to find someone to take on this role. It means you can still operate a limited company as sole director and shareholder whilst benefiting from the excellent support of a professional company.

Nominee Director Services - £149 p.a

  • This is a perfectly legal way of preserving the privacy of an individual. It is designed to help a person who would rather not disclose their interest or association with a given corporate body.
  • Your Tax Office will act as Nominee Company Director for limited companies on an annual basis.
  • The appointed nominees are not actually entitled to manage the company.
  • We provide the beneficial owner with a Power of Attorney empowering him to run the business, manage the company's activities and open and operate the company's bank accounts.
  • Nominee Directors will only sign the company accounts and annual returns prepared by the accountants of the company.

Registered Offices

It is a statutory requirement for companies formed in the United Kingdom to have a registered office address. The registered office address must be a physical address where members of the public, and other interested parties can visit and view the registers of the company. The registered office address is also the address to which Companies House, the Inland Revenue Office, and other official bodies will send official mail. Any official mail sent to your registered office address will be deemed to have been received by the company; it is, therefore, important that the registered office address is an effective address for the receipt of official mail.

When a company is registered in the United Kingdom it must have a registered office address in England, Wales, or Scotland. The location of the registered office will determine with which authority the company is registered. A company registered in Scotland must have its registered office address in Scotland, a company registered in England and Wales must have its registered office address in either England or Wales.

A company registered in the United Kingdom need not have its main administrative office at, nor trade from, its registered office address: a company can be managed, and can trade, from any location in the world. It must, however, maintain, and hold copies of its official records at, an address within the United Kingdom which is registered as the company's official address.

Registered Address Services - £100 p.a

  • Your Tax Office will provide an UK address for limited companies on an annual basis.
  • We hold the statutory records of the company including the Register of Members, Minutes of Board and Members meetings, Resolutions of the company.
  • We can provide postal redirection services (extra costs apply).
  • We can provide a full virtual office package including phone number, fax service, telephone answering service and postal service. Please contact us for more details.

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